Tips to Keep Your Clear Aligners Happy and Healthy

Tips to Keep Your Clear Aligners Happy and Healthy

Invisalign or clear aligners are transparent shields promising a straighter smile. However, you need to wear these transparent trays consistently to attain the anticipated results. These invisible trays also need a little TLC in your quest for ideal smile journey.

The Smile Patio Orhtodontics in Vista, California has helped numerous patients with crooked teeth and insecure about their grin achieve confident smile.

They use customized braces and Invisalign treatment plans to treat dental issues and gain a healthy smile. Here are some tips that can help you keep your invisible buddies happy and healthy.

Clear aligners despise anything besides water. Coffee, soda, a glass of wine is a big NO. They are translucent and get stained easily like your white shirt.

So, before you indulge in a culinary treat, remove your aligner buddies and allow them to rest in their protective case. 

The cases are their safe haven because it protects them from hungry pets with a penchant for plastic or falling due to rogue elbows or even from getting lost in the void of couch cushions. Develop a practice to put them in their case, whenever not in use.

A lost aligner setback your treatment duration and explaining how the tray got lost or chewed to your orthodontist is embarrassing.

Clear aligners are invisible, so they don’t get a free pass on cleanliness. Hygiene is crucial. They are a breeding ground for bacteria and bad odour.

Give them a gentle scrub with soft brush and rinse in lukewarm water twice a day. Hot water, harsh soap, and whitening toothpaste are strictly forbidden. They can warp, scratch and can become a breeding ground for unwelcome bacteria.

You can go an extra mile to buy special Invisalign cleaning solution for a deep cleanse. Remember, to wash it with gentleness!

Wear them a lot – maximum 22 hours a day. They tirelessly work to shove your teeth into the correct position but if they are often [every now and then] stored in the protective case, they cannot perform their task better.

It is acceptable to remove them when you are eating and brushing but any extra time the aligners stay out of your mouth hinders the consistency. Discipline and consistency is essential!

Invisalign aligners are tough but not invulnerable. Never use them to cut the bag of chips or use them as bottle openers. Treat them with respect and you will earn the reward of a dazzling time without delays.

If you have concerns about your aligners, reach out to your dentist. They are your partner on this orthodontic journey to a straight smile. Open communication is crucial for a successful experience.

Following these simple guidelines will ensure that your aligners stay loyal companions throughout the journey.

Remember, they are not plastic trays but your buddies and a little TLC will go a long way. Take care of them and they will take care of your smile.

A happy aligner creates a happy smile, which will light up the world!

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